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Robert L. Grossman has practiced labor and employment law since graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1971. He first worked as an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board in St. Louis, Missouri and then for the National Labor Relations Board in Minneapolis. In 1975 he opened his own law office representing management in labor and employment matters. He formed the law office of Grossman and Millard in 1982. Mr. Grossman was the managing partner of that law firm until becoming of counsel to this firm in March of 1997.

Mr. Grossman’s client base has been diverse, containing a number of companies in the Fortune 500 category. He has represented companies in the trucking, manufacturing, grocery wholesaler - retail stores, construction, service, electronics, high tech, hotel, health care, leasing, cable installation, shopping center, paint, fashion, entertainment, automobile, physical fitness, and leasing industries. In representing this broad base of clients, he has represented clients in almost every region of the National Labor Relations Board concerning representation petitions and unfair labor practice charges. He has been involved in a countless number of National Labor Relations Board elections over the past 26 years and devoted a substantial amount of time to keeping clients Union free.

For his Unionized clients, Mr. Grossman has negotiated contracts, arbitrated grievances, and litigated pension and contract issues in both state and federal courts. Additionally, he has successfully set up double-breasted operations and decertified existing Unions. Mr. Grossman has conducted in-house workshops with companies across the country on a variety of labor and employment topics. He has also successfully recovered attorneys’ fees and costs from the National Labor Relations Board under the Equal Access to Justice Act.

Mr. Grossman has extensive experience in the area of employment law practicing before state and federal courts, as well as the various agencies throughout the United States.

Mr. Grossman is licensed to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh and Eighth Circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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