REMINDER: October 1, 2013 Notice Requirement under the Affordable Care Act

No later than October 1, 2013, employers must provide a notice to employees regarding the existence of the health care exchange. The notice simply informs employees that they have the option of buying health insurance on an exchange. For Minnesota employers, a model notice may be found at:

For employers outside Minnesota, a general model notice can be found at:

Employers should distribute the notice to each employee using first-class mail or e-mail. Employers only need to provide the notice to current employees, it is not necessary to provide the notice to former employees or to dependents of employees. If a new employee starts after the October 1st deadline, the employer must notify the employee within 14 days after his or her start date.

If you have questions regarding these notice requirements, please feel free to contact Tara Craft Adams at or at 952-921-4618.