Employee Handbook and Employment Materials

The possible claims that can be brought against employers by employees and former employees are virtually endless. Employers are justifiably concerned about the risks and liabilities of defending employment discrimination claims. Often, the best defense against an employee claim of discrimination is a comprehensive set of employment policies. Having well-designed policies in place and ensuring that they are effectively implemented not only helps to prevent claims from arising but can be an effective defense if a claim is initiated.

An Effective Start: The Employee Handbook

The most effective employment policies start with the Employee Handbook. A carefully drafted and comprehensive Employee Handbook puts employees on notice about the company's policies and provides the basis for decisions managers and supervisors make about their employees.

A comprehensive Employee Handbook is just one component of an overall employment practices strategy. To be truly effective, your employment practices strategy should also include:

  • Well-designed Employment Application
  • Hiring Policy
  • Conditional Offer and Statement of Hire/Offer Letter
  • Standard Disciplinary Form for Supervisors
  • Notice of Termination and Other Key Documents

The final component of a strategic employment practices policy is to ensure that all supervisors and managers are thoroughly and regularly trained.


In order to assist employers in designing and implementing an effective program of employment policies and practices, we have developed a fixed-fee package that includes preparation of the most critical employment documents described above and the customizing necessary to effectively implement and manage your employment practices policies.

Specifically, our package includes the following two components and an optional third training module:

1. An audit of your current human resources policies.

During the audit we will review your existing employee handbook (if you have one); equal employment opportunity policies, including harassment and complaint procedures; employment application; disciplinary procedures and other key employment documents and policies.

2. Preparation of Employment Documents.

Next, we will prepare an employee handbook and related employment documents. The handbook will be based on a model handbook we have developed through many years of experience and you will receive a credit toward customizing the documents to your particular circumstances. We will also prepare:

  • An Employment Application
  • Hiring Policy
  • Conditional Offer and Statement of Hire/Offer Letter
  • Standard Disciplinary Form for Supervisors
  • Notice of Termination

3. Employment Practices Training (Optional)

For an additional charge, we can conduct a training session at your facility for supervisors and managers on the most important aspects of your employment practices policies. The training module has been designed to cover the critical topics thoroughly and quickly, yet be tailored to meet the particular circumstances of your company.


If you would like additional information about our Strategic Employment Policies and Practices documents, please feel free to call any lawyer at 952.896.1700 or visit our contact us page.

We would be happy to discuss how you can benefit from this package, as well as any other labor or employment issue you may be facing.